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Thursday, 7 June 2018

3 Best Data Recovery Free Android App For Lost/Delete photos or videos

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4EXT Recovery Control is an Android Data Recovery App, which easily recover deleted data of both your internal memory and SD card, it is a cool app that can get your deleted data again.

No rooting necessary ,Whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memory card, 4EXT Recovery Control is a Powerful Data Recover App that can recover files of all formats and it is a free app.

Restore backup Make backups

Advanced backup before restore process starts Format all that you partition in the file system of your choice before restores process starts Flash as many zip files as you want after restore is complete Access rights Fix it afterward if you like Choose to stay in recovery or reboot automatically after All actions completed.

Install multiple zip files at once Optional

Displays md5sums of all your files, So you can make sure everything is ok before you flash. Choose to stay in recovery after all selected operations.

Secure online install or upgrade 4EXT Recovery

View all known changelogs or issues from each version available for your device. Fixed information about newly discovered bugs. The following example will be possible to do it in just one session.

Recovery or 4EXT Recovery, or adding new devices

While providing personal support to users. That’s why it takes longer to add new devices. By purchasing this app, To make sure the backup will restore even before you reboot into recovery!
It also gives you the chance to fix md5sums if you really need a bad backup. there is a a lot of app for Data Recovery Android App For Lost/Delete photos or videos, but this is advance app for data recovery
This prevents situations where you may be left with a non-bootable not only get feature-rich apps that let you control everything, configure and handle the advanced 4EXT Recovery convenience features. You also contribute to the future of recovery itself.there are Best Data Recovery Free Android App


  1.  Reestablish: Let the App do the md5sum check INSTEAD of recovery!
  2.  This counteracts circumstances where you may be left with the the anon-bootable gadget.
  3. Start Backups, Advanced Backups, Restore, Advanced Restore directly from inside the application
  4. Check your reinforcements’ wellbeing to guarantee they will reestablish later when you require them.
  5.  Convert reinforcements amongst EXT3 and EXT4
  6. Calculates genuine esteems for the space expected to make a new full or propelled reinforcement Best Data Recovery Free Android App
  7. For “Cutting edge Backups”: While you are choosing/deselecting segments, it will show and refresh the currently needed space to finish that custom reinforcement set.
  8. Install numerous compress records immediately
  9. Optionally show the md5sums of the considerable number of records you are going to streak in one go!
  10. So you can ensure all are alright before you streak them.
  11. Want to remain inside recuperation after all your selected operations are finished? Forget about it.

2. Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Scan for and recover deleted files from memory cards and internal storage on rooted* devices.

The app uses rewarded video ads - restoration of any discovered file or data is completely free of charge. You can still buy the unlocker to remove all ads and enable background scanning.

Without a jailbreak/root access, Undeleter can only scan app caches for images.

*ROOT/SUPERUSER PERMISSIONS require that you modify the operating system on your device, visit this website for more information:

App caches can contain images that would not otherwise be discoverable: you may find photos that were shared with you on social media but you never opened, or lower quality copies of images you have now or have deleted in the past. They may also contain images that have been preloaded by your browser or other apps on your device - even images of people you don't know. They can be filtered out using "Hide extant files".

File types: Journal scanning can discover files with any conceivable extension. Essentially these files are still on your volume with their data in allocated sectors. Journal scan is only available on EXT4 and derived file systems.

Deep scan heuristically scans for and recovers the following types of files: BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLAC, AMR, MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT, ODG, ODS, ODP, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB.

Data scanning is available for a select number of apps, including the system phone and SMS applications. Data will be recovered in the form or HTML files for WhatsApp and Viber, as we cannot merge third-party catalogs.

Shred/secure delete: Files found on free disk areas can be erased permanently in bulk using the Shred function. You can also use the system-wide Share menu to securely erase files directly through any other app, for example by opening the gallery, selecting a number of images, pressing the Share button and selecting Secure delete. 

ACCOUNT - needed for Google Drive and Dropbox upload

CALL/SMS - needed for app data scanner - deleted SMS and call logs

LOCATION - for ads

3. DigDeep Image Recovery app

A powerful Recovery tool that Search your internal storage and SD card for deleted images and recover them again easily.

Sometimes it happens when you delete accidently a photo from your phone, and start looking for a good tool that can restore it for you can bring you a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to do is the download this app and let it Scan all your phone’s internal and external memory.

It is easy, just launch the app. A loading screen will show up. Just be patient and wait until it scans all folders and files for erased photos. It may take a while depending on how large your memory is. After searching is complet , it will show a new screen with folders, each folder contains pictures from a specific location. check them one by one looking for you photos, each folder contains a list of images inside it. Check images you want to restore and when you finish doing that hit restore button to recover them. Now a dialog will show up telling you in wich folder to find recovered images. You can either browse this folder or browse the gallery where you can find them as well.

1 - Scan both internal and external memory ( SD Card ).
2 - Nice UI Design and Easy to use.
3 – Fast, Reliable, Best quality.
4 – No need to root the phone.
5 - Restore all images types: jpg,jpeg,png.

N.B :
This app may show some pictures even if they are not deleted yet. That because there is already an occurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by this app. Just keep looking and you will find photos you are looking for.
This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone app that can recover pictures even ones that have been deleted before the app was installed.

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