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Sunday, 3 June 2018


Hidden tricks you didn't know your Android phone could do


A smartphone – whether it's an Android device or one from the Apple stable – is almost useless without data connectivity. To spice things up a bit, turn to the Chrome Browser (yes, Chrome is a multifaceted personality).

While you wait for the cellular network to come back, head over to Chrome and play the Dinosaur game. And, trust me it’s not easy as it see

Unlock android phones by face detection:

In the jelly bean version and KitKat, Android provides a way by which your android phone could be unlocked using face detection.To make this feature more secure, Jelly Bean version added another layer of protection in which Android phone can be unlocked only when the face is matched and when we blink our eyes. Blinking your eyes tells the android security system that person is live and it’s not an illegal attempt of unlocking using a still image.
To activate this: Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock.

Hard Reset and Factory reset your android phone:

Android phone can be formatted in two ways:
a) Factory reset: In factory reset, your phone is being formatted to factory level. Means all the settings will go by default and all the internal data will be deleted. To factory reset a phone dial *#*#7780#*#*.
b) Hard reset: To hard reset a phone dial *2767*3855#, this will delete all the data (including internal and External SD data) as well as settings of android phone. Don’t try this code for testing purpose, until you are not sure. It will not ask  for any confirmation.


80% of the time our thumb is near the power button while we take a phone call, so enabling the power button to end calls seem to be the smartest move. Plus, when you’re watching a captivating cricket match and you just can’t take your eyes off the TV, this prove to be the most convenient way of ending a call.

To enable it, open the Accessibility Settings and switch the Power button ends call option to on. That’s it, now you have a physical button to end your calls.

Force reboot:

All of a sudden android devices freeze on few occasions.In case your android phone is frozen, you can reboot it instead of trying out other things and getting irritated by doing so.
Just press Power Button+ Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously.

Reboot Android in safe mode:

As we could reboot our computers, we can also reboot Android phones in safe mode. The latest Android- Jelly Bean version provides an option to reboot your device in safe mode  if something goes wrong.To reboot your android device in safe mode, follow the below given instructions.
*Long press the power button
*Long press on the power off option. (This will help in hunting down the problem causing application)
Android phone will show a confirmation message about rebooting it in safe mode. If we reboot android phone in safe mode then all the 3rd party applications will be disabled. These applications can again be enabled when we reboot our phone normally. This is a great Android utility in case when one of your 3rd party application is causing serious trouble and you want to hunt it down.

See your notifications even after clearing them:

Have you cleared all your notifications without seeing them?There is a very simple way to see them again.Go to widgets, grab the “settings shortcut” on to your home screen and select notifications there. Now you can see the Notifications shortcut on your home screen.  Now open it, and you can see all the notifications.  Path is Widgets > Settings shortcut > Notifications.

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