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Ramadan Times: Azan, Prayer Times, Duas & Qibla APK

Ramadan Times is very useful tool that allow to follow your daily Namaz schedule properly during Ramadan 2018 and after that too. This is an all in one muslim application containing 11 awesome features such as: Islamic Prayer Times, Qibla Compass, Islamic Calendar or Hijri Calendar, Al Quran, Duas, Tasbih Counter, 99 Names of Allah, Mosque Finder, Ramadan Times (Sehri and Iftar Timing), Zakat Calculator and also Kalima.
PDF Reader APK

PDF Viewer organise all your PDF’s on a single place. It will scan all the pdf files from your storage and then will display it to you in the screen. You can select any file and start reading it or bookmarking etc..

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