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Thursday, 3 May 2018

5 Amazing Apps Work With Your Android Sensors

5 Amazing Apps That Work With Your Android Sensors: Most of the users always choose to prefer Android over any other mobile platform. The Android operating system gives us the freedom to try different apps and Games. Until now, we have shared many Android customization tricks and today we are going to talk about Android Sensors.

We all have few sensors on our device including proximity, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and more. However, have you ever thought to use that sensor for the different purpose? So, let’s check out what our Android can do with its sensor.

5 Amazing Apps That Work With Your Android Sensors

#1 Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor & Pulse Checker

What about turning your Android into your personal Heart Rate Monitor? Well, with Runtastic heart rate monitor & Pulse checker you can actually measure your heart rate. The app uses an Android camera and its flashlight to detect the pulse rate.
♥ Measure your heart rate with your smartphone camera! Yup, your camera is the heart monitor app. 
♥ Graphs illustrate your pulse rate measurement that way you can monitor your heart over time right in your health monitor 
♥ Different pulse rate measurement types in this heart monitor: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR, maximum HR
♥ Upload your results after you measure your heartbeat to directly from your pulse app, compare and analyze your heartbeat measurements by day, week or year
♥ Share your heartbeat monitor app measurements on social media like Facebook, Google+ & Twitter or via email directly from your pulse checker. Maybe you’ll get your friends to use this great health monitor & cardiograph, too.

#2 IR Universal TV Remote

IR Universal TV Remote
Developer: WaveSpark
Price: Free+
If your phone has IR blaster support then you will love this app. With IR Universal Remote you can control your TV and other electronic devices like Fans, Lights, Air Conditioners through your smartphone. The app actually turns your Android into a built-in remote IR blaster.
• IR Universal TV Remote •
IR Universal Remote will replace your physical TV remote for good! Plus you can control other devices like Air Conditioners, Fans, Lights, and more. This application will turn phones and tablets with a built in remote IR blaster into a fully functioning universal remote.

• Easy to Configure and Use •
You can easily browse through all of the different categories and code sets to find the best remote that works for you. All saved remotes can be quickly and easily accessed from the sliding menu panel. 

• How IR Universal Remote Works •
Many phones today have hardware built in for controlling TVs. This hardware is called an IR Blaster. Manufactures such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, and Huawei are using the IR Blaster in their phones. It emits an infrared signal which can be picked up and interpreted by the TV. IR Universal Remote has a very large database containing the proper codes for many different devices. It can emit these codes through the IR Blaster just like a physical universal remote.

• Free (Ad Supported) •
IR Universal TV Remote does not require any purchases to work. The application is supported by in app advertising. Ads allow users to use any remote in the app for free. You can remove ads for a small one time only fee inside the app if you would like.

• Loaded with Features •
Create completely custom remotes. You can edit almost every aspect of your remote. Change the toolbar color. Edit the background color or upload a background image. Edit button IR codes, colors, positions, roundness, transparency, and texts. Use the two widgets to quickly and easily control devices from your home screen. Use the notification remote to control devices while using other apps. Control multiple devices from 1 remote. Setup macros to send multiple commands to multiple devices with a single button click. If you have the IR Universal Smart Hub then you can connect to multiple hubs at once for controlling devices in different rooms. You can also read infrared codes directly from other remotes into the Smart Hub and the App

#3 Gravity Screen

Gravity Screen - On/Off
Developer: Plexnor
Price: Free+
This is one of the best and smart Android apps you can have on your phone. This app basically turns the screen off whenever you put your device into your pocket or onto a table. Similarly, it also turns on the screen whenever you take it out of your pocket.
• Pocket Sensor: Turns the screen off if your phone is in your pocket. 
• Table Sensor: Detects your phone is lying on a table and turn it off if not in use.
• Turn Screen On by Motion: If the screen is off and it's facing up the device can be woken up by moving it. 
• Keep Screen On by Motion - Rise to Wake: It keeps the screen on while you are watching the screen. It relies on the small movements of your hand while holding the device. 
• Smart Lock support: It's a workaround to make the Smart lock feature work fine on devices with Lollipop.
• Locale plug-in for: Tasker, Llama and others

• Better performance
• Widgets, Shortcuts
• Wider range for Rise to Wake Timeout
• Wider range for Table Sensor
• Suspend in Landscape mode
• Exclude Apps option

#4 Holo Droid

Holo Droid is another free Android app that is best for applying live wallpapers. The app shows much information about your device like Battery level, Date, Time and more directly on your home screen. The latest version also adds support to four sensors in order to enable the gyro compass movement.
Holo Droid shows the informations below:

- Date/Time
- Platform information
- Device basic information
- Battery remain/temp/voltage
- Tilt
- Compass
- CPU Usage
- CPU spec
- RAM Usage
- Network connection state
- Internal Memory Usage
- External Memory Usage(SD-Card)

You can customize the following settings:

- Color Theme
- Scanline effect
- Background grid
- Time/date 
- Animation 
- Orientetion
- Battery temperature
- CPU refresh

#5 Spirit Level Plus

Spirit Level Plus
Developer: Androidika
Price: Free
This is one of the best Android application which is very useful if you want to find out whether the surface is level enough to meet your needs. With Spirit Level Plus Android app you can exactly find out if the surface is level or not.
Use this App at Your own risk.
I can not guarantee for its accuracy.

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