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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Download Cider APK for Android

Cider aka Cycada APK is an open source Android app that emulates iOS environment on your android phone. It was initially developed as an experiment but since then it has gained popularity and is now used widely.

Downloading Cider APK for your Phone

Cider app was first introduced for Android Froyo devices. However, it is no longer available on the Play Store. App Installing Cider APK is very simple and similar to installing other APKs. Even though the app cannot be downloaded officially, it is still be installed. To save you the hassle of spending time searching for it.

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How to Use Cider APK

  • Once you are done installing the cider app, the cider icon should show in your app drawer. This means that you have successfully installed the app.
  • However, if it doesn’t show up, it could mean two things. Either something went wrong with the installation or your device is not compatible with the app. To check if it is the first case, troubleshoot by clearing cache and temporary files using a cleaner app.
  • You can also try clearing the cache partition and that should solve any problem. However, if even after all these steps, the cider app is not showing up, it’s time to move on and use Android for android apps.

Features/Requirements of Cider APK

Cider APK is widely being adopted and used to install games that are exclusively available for iOS on your relatively inexpensive android devices. A major advantage of this app is that is completely free. It provides good support for iOS features on your android phone and can be used with android 2.3 or above. The graphical user interface that comes with the app is as good as the real iOS device. You’ll need more than 512 MB of RAM and 100 MB space to be able to use this app. In addition to this, you will need 2-4 GB of storage depending on which apps or games you choose to install on your device.

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