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Saturday, 26 May 2018

How to Safely Remove OTG from Android

What is USB OTG?

OTG is a standardized specification for USB connections which allows a device to read data from USB connection without computer. OTG serve as USB Host which not every gadget possess.
We all know, USB can only be used on computer, meaning you need a computer before you can access what you store on you USB.
Now that is why OTG is becoming popular, as this serve as a medium through which you can access what save on your USB without using computer but your android phone. Therefore, not to corrupt files in your USB, you need to safely remove OTG from android device.

What Can You Do With USB OTG

As a matter of fact, you can do a lot with USB OTG on your android provided you have one.
  1. You can connect your Flash drives and External hard drive with your android phone with OTG
  2. Play with video game controllers on your phone
  3. Control Android with Keyboards and Mice
  4. Print directly from a printer
  5. Control your DSLR camera on your android device

How To Safely Remove OTG From Android Device

It is not recommended to remove the OTG cable directly from Android. It may cause data corruption. If you do it, you will see a notification like this (See screenshot).

First, you should unmount the USB storage device and then you've to remove OTG cable.To safely remove USB storage device from Android, follow the below steps:
  • Go to Settings > Storage.
  • Tap "Unmount USB storage" option.

  • You’ll see a message stating “USB storage will be unmounted” (see screenshot).
  • Now, remove the OTG cable from Android. You'll see a notification like this:

Finally On Safely Remove OTG

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